About Me

My name is Nicole and I am a woman on a mission.  I am losing weight with the goal of feeling great again.  I’ve read about other gals who are fat and confident.  Well, I’m not one of them!  I have a goal to lose 40–50 lbs.  I was pretty good at dressing in a way to somewhat disguise how much weight I had gained (at least I thought) but I have put on more weight and it’s impossible to hide now.  I hate shopping at my current weight. I have so many black and gray tops because I have convinced myself that if I wear dark colors on the biggest part of my body then nobody will notice that I’m overweight. It’s so boring to wear dark colors every day!  I can’t wait for shopping to be fun again.  Overall, I am really happy.  I am blessed with a great husband and three awesome kids.  It’s just time that I lose this weight and reconnect with myself again.